College Station Students Organize Rally in Favour of Marijuana Use

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All over the state of Texas, there has been a tenacious and diligent desire by the majority of Texans to ensure that the use of marijuana especially in low quantity is decriminalized, this action has registered success in Austin, Denton and some other cities, while other cities in the state have begun work on their legislative process. The city of College Station is not left out; even as students in the city have organized a rally to show their support for the decriminalizing the product.

In April, some students gathered around the Texas A&M campus to emphasize their support for the use of marijuana, the students began their rally from the Sbisa dining hall all the way to the Rudder plaza, carrying banners and signs that were in favor of the substance. The rally was organized by a group known as the “Students for Sensible Drug Policies” as a means of galvanizing community support for a petition, which was meant to allow residents vote on the issue in the 2024 election. Participants at the rally noted that the aim of the rally was educative, as it has been observed that the conversation surrounding the decriminalization of marijuana has become a prevalent issue to be discussed. They organized the rally and participated in it while bearing in mind the number of persons whose lives have been altered or ruined by the criminalization of the product.

The students said they had spoken with the College Station city council and they have obtained the relevant information on how they can make the same legislative changes concerning marijuana in the city as has been done by the other cities in the state. Students who were not essentially part of the rally shared the same idea with persons in the group and noted that should they come across the petition, they would be willing to sign the petition

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