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Houston Opens First Mariju.jpg

Houston Opens First Marijuana Dispensary

Houston Opens First Mariju.jpg

Houston Opens First Marijuana Dispensary

In the state of Texas, an organisation known as Texas original, which is the biggest provider of medical marijuana in the entire state, have taken a further step in expanding their business by opening the first permanent pick-up location for cannabis in Houston on Tuesday, 22 July, 2022.

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College Station Students Organize Rally in Favour of Marijuana Use

All over the state of Texas, there has been a tenacious and diligent desire by the majority of Texans to ensure that the use of marijuana especially in low quantity is decriminalized, this action has registered success in Austin, Denton and some other cities, while other cities in the state have begun work on their legislative process

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Harker Heights, Texas approves November Election to vote on Marijuana Decriminalization

Harker Heights might become the latest Texas city to decriminalize marijuana in November if voters approve the proposed ordinance to this effect.

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Killeen to Decriminalize Marijuana After Austin

After the success of the outing at Austin to decriminalize Marijuana, the Ground Game Texas which is led by Julie Oliver, an Democrat in Austin are already concluding plans to ensure the same is done in other cities such as Killeen and Harker Heights

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San Marcos moves to End Low Level Marijuana Arrests

Activists championing the cause for reform in marijuana usage have spread their nets to the city of San Marcos in the state of Texas, where they have obtained and exceeded the required signature for reform laws on the substance to be placed on the October and November ballot where residents in the city would be allowed to decide if the possession of up to 4 ounces of marijuana should be decriminalized.

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Texas Agricultural Commissioner pushes for Medical Cannabis Expansion

The Commissioner for Agriculture in Texas, Sid Miller, in a recent opinion column has stated that he is in favor of expanding access for medical cannabis patients in the state. In this recent column posted on the state website, he stated that marijuana laws were akin to the failed alcohol prohibition laws that were a feature of the 1920s.


Texas Court Upholds Ban on Smokable Hemp

The Supreme Court of Texas upheld a 2019 ban on smokable hemp, overturning a lower court's decision to strike it down and criminalizing any businesses in the state that currently produce hemp products for smoking


What Rescheduling Medical Cannabis Means for Texans

Explore the potential impact of the proposed rescheduling of cannabis in Texas. Unpack the differences between rescheduling, decriminalization, and descheduling, and learn how these changes might affect patients, the medical research community, and cannabis business owners in the Lone Star state.