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How Much Does the Texas Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

The Texas Compassionate Use Program (CUP) does not issue MMJ cards to enrolled patients. The state handles both recommendations for, and prescriptions of, low-THC cannabis through the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT). To participate in the Texas CUP, eligible physicians must also join the program and gain access to the CURT. After certifying patients, these physicians also enter their low-THC cannabis prescriptions in the Registry, which is accessible to licensed cannabis dispensaries in the state.

Cost of Physician Consultation

Physicians recommending medical cannabis to patients in Texas must confirm their diagnoses to be on the list of qualifying medical conditions recognized in the state. A physician must also be board-certified and have the specialist training required to treat the condition for which they are recommending medical cannabis to a patient. While patients do not pay to join the CUP, they are expected to pay for physician consultations when getting medical cannabis recommendations. The consultation fee charged varies from practice to practice, but usually varies from $100 - $300.

Texas Medical Cannabis Card Fee

There is no application fee for joining the CURT and the Texas CUP has no provision for a medical cannabis card. In lieu of an MMJ card, a medical cannabis patient only needs their ID to buy low-THC cannabis at dispensing organizations. Dispensaries can easily confirm patients’ enrollment in the CUP and their prescriptions in the CURT.

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